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Wherever needed

Amazing Discoveries™ manages multiple outreach projects. Walter VeithFrom public seminars to online and DVD evangelism, broadcasting, internet streaming, web evangelism, translations, and mission projects around the world, Amazing Discoveries™ needs your help to keep this ministry going.

Your donation is applied to the most urgent needs.

Whether it goes towards the next evangelistic series or to pay for the next month's broadcasting costs, you can be sure that 100% of it will be used to cover a ministry outreach project.

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This fund covers all our broadcasting expenses which include the cost of the satellite uplinks to Galaxy 19 (North America), Optus D-2 (Australia/NZ), and IS-20 (southern African continent) as well as our online streaming through Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Youtube. The cost alone for this is $850,000.


As of October 2020, we expanded our broadcasting to include additional satellite in the Phillippines and the Holy Land adding another $350,000 to the expense.

Additional funds are needed also for equipment to record and edit programs, secure storage for hundreds of terabytes of data, and salaries for staff to do the work. This fund also covers our social media evangelism and our mobile friendly website and store. Total funds needed yearly to sustain this project is $1.9 million.

Another aspect of our Broadcasting work is our documentaries.

We are excited to be working on two documentary series that will better tell younger busy professionals about the great controversy between Christ and Satan and how this controversy is affecting their lives and world events. The Conviction series is about the reformation and Enmity is a remake of the Total Onslaught series. It is our fervent desire to reach a younger secular audience with this important message, so that a new generation can hear the good news of Christ's soon return.

Wouldn't you like to see a new audience also impacted with the life-changing worldview-shattering information in Total Onslaught? We invite you to become partners with us in completing this series. Your prayers and generous donations will help us film this project in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations that will add depth and meaning to the series. We solicit your prayers for God's hand to be over this project, and thank you for your financial support.

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Currently we are still developing our mission school and preparing it for students.

New Building

Donations to this fund will be used to maintain existing buildings on the property, landscape the property, build a greenhouse and start the agriculture portion of our school, as well as complete our building renovation. Our current needs are: a shipping building as we have outgrown our little shipping room (cost $100,000);
Closing in a shop for honey extraction $25,000;
Completion of the large greenhouse that will allow us to demonstrate gardening even through the cold months $15,000;
Constructing a roof addition over our back deck to prevent snowfall on the emergency exit stairwell $20,000;
Final finishing on main building such as fire-rated doors $25,000;
A building for the bakery kitchen $100,000 - $170,000;
Grounds lighting & gates to improve security of our staff, students and guests $20,000.

Your help with these projects would be greatly appreciated and allow us to move forward on greater service opportunities.

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Scandinavian missions

Our Scandinavian Missions Fund includes support of a missionary in Sweden - Henry Stober, who is a world class photographer and creates stunning video documentaries for evangelism. He is working in Scandinavian countries as a missionary currently. This country is very secular and not inclined to know more about Christ. Through his work, he is opening doors in this country.

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"And I saw another angel fly in the mist of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Revelation 14:6

To preach the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people is our mission. We have many volunteer translators working on translations of our material into their native tongue. Unfortunately due to lack of funds we are unable to translate into all desired languages. Our goal is to translate Total Onslaught and Genesis Conflict into as many languages as possible; but we work on many other series as well, including Rekindling the Reformation, Total Transformation, and Repairing the Breach. Your support is needed to help us get the message out so other people can have a chance to hear the everlasting gospel in their native language.

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The Website Study Portal

If you'd like to donate directly to our new website study portal that we are building, you can do so! This exciting project will repackage the thousands of articles and videos on our site in a useable study portal where articles and videos will be grouped by topic, and allow an interactive experience for the user to study online including an embedded online Bible and EGW notes. The cost to create this will be $350,000.

This study portal will be so powerful that you will be able to tag key points in videos, make your own notes and lesson plans to share with others, and go through an in-depth lesson series all the while answering all your important questions!

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AD Stories:

Being new to the faith and wanting the 'meat' of your message, AD has opened my Show more... eyes to just how much we are in a STRANGE LAND & just passing through! I praise God, for more of God, unashamed to proclaim the straight testimony though many would try to water down and distort God's end time message. THANK YOU!!! Keep up the good work.
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Thank you for your ministry.
I have been watching for 2 years now and Show more... I have grown and learned more than in the past 20 years. I appreciate listening to lectures and sermons that are honest about the Bible and don't try just 'serve ice cream' for every sermon. I believe in grace, but every sermon can't just be grace, grace, grace and never to move on from there. I am saddened that many people are going to be very surprised and very angry when this world comes to a close.
I tell many people about this channel and especially about Walter Veith.
So please, keep putting it put there and proclaiming the truth.
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Amazing Discoveries has affected my life in several ways regarding creationism as opposed to evolution. Being brought up Show more... in a Christian home I've always believed in creation but Prof. Veith's series gave me information of which I had not previously known. During the series of "Total Onslaught" again, there were answers to question I have for quite a long time. "Rekindling the Reformation" I also found very informative and also brought to light some of the other persons that were involved in the reformation and the ways in which their lives were brought to such tragic ends as a result of their biblical position. Thank you for work presenting God's word in it's fullness.
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