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Wherever needed

Amazing Discoveries™ manages multiple outreach projects. Walter VeithFrom public seminars to online and DVD evangelism, broadcasting, internet streaming, web evangelism, translations, and mission projects around the world, Amazing Discoveries™ needs your help to keep this ministry going.

Your donation is applied to the most urgent needs.

Whether it goes towards the next evangelistic series or to pay for the next month's broadcasting costs, you can be sure that 100% of it will be used to cover a ministry outreach project.

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Our long-held dream has finally become a reality—global broadcasting of the Amazing Discoveries™ end-time message! This ambitious project reaches people 24 hours a day, seven days a week on TV and satellite across North America and the world.


For the first time, you can now view popular Amazing Discoveries™ series by Walter Veith, Victor Gill, Rudy and Jeanie Davis, Dan Gabbert, and others on your own TV!

With our translations underway, other language groups will also be able to access these powerful presentations in their own tongue. We've started on Galaxy 19 and have also made our channel accessible via the internet and on MOIPTV.

As of August 1, 2012, we expanded our broadcasting to Australia and New Zealand. Watch ADTV on "Free to Air" Christian channels on the OPTUS D2 satellite. We stream the same content as in North America.

Broadcasting via satellite costs us $50,000 each month to maintain. You can see how your support is urgently needed to fund this ongoing project.

Would you be willing to pledge a monthly donation to help us keep Amazing Discoveries on the air?

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Amazing Discoveries™ outgrew its facility and had to move!

New Building

In April 2010, we purchased a new facility which houses not only our offices but also a broadcasting studio and Presentation Theater.

We thank you for helping us pay off the mortgage on the building and for allowing us to complete some much-needed renovations to upgrade this old facility, including a portion of a new roof and a meeting room this past summer. But the work is not finished - we still need to finish off the roof, and upgrade the dilapidated kitchen. Not only that, we are already outgrowing the facility and will need to add more offices on an upper level.

This second floor will be costly due to the nature of the existing older building. Would you consider helping Amazing Discoveries to complete these urgent needs?

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Victor Gill - India Missions

Every year we host special mission trips to Ukraine and India, which include evangelistic seminars with local churches in the countries. We also donate to various projects such as water wells and orphanages.

Your donation will help us support Pastor Victor Gill and others who are trying to meet physical and spiritual needs of hungry souls around the globe.

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"And I saw another angel fly in the mist of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." Revelation 14:6

To preach the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people is our mission. We have many volunteer translators working on translations of our material into their native tongue. Unfortunately due to lack of funds we are unable to translate into all desired languages. Our goal is to translate Total Onslaught and Genesis Conflict into as many languages as possible; but we work on many other series as well, including Rekindling the Reformation, Total Transformation, and Repairing the Breach. Your support is needed to help us get the message out so other people can have a chance to hear the everlasting gospel in their native language.

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Amazing Discoveries™ conducts seminars around North America and the world. Our unique and qualified speakers present lectures in the areas of Creation and evolution, Bible prophecy, music and the media, history, and current events.

Your gift allows us to continue sharing the Gospel through these seminars.

Please call to book one of our speakers for your church outreach at 1-866-572-9457.

Daniel Pel

Joel Kratzke

Victor Gill

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Special Project: Enmity Documentary (Total Onslaught Revised)

New Documentary

One of our newest projects is a new documentary series based on the original classic Total Onslaught. This series is 13 years old and the 36 lectures are almost 2 hours apiece. Our new documentary series, yet to be named, will consist of 15 episodes with improved graphics, updated content, guest speakers and engaging narration and will present the same powerful, relevant message as presented by Walter Veith that has been changing lives across the globe.

We are excited to be working on a re-designed series that will better tell younger busy professionals about the great controversy between Christ and Satan and how this controversy is affecting their lives and world events. It is our fervent desire to reach a younger secular audience with this important message, so that a new generation can hear the good news of Christ's soon return.

Wouldn't you like to see a new audience also impacted with the life-changing worldview-shattering information in Total Onslaught? We invite you to become partners with us in completing this series. Your prayers and generous donations will help us film this project in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations that will add depth and meaning to the series. We solicit your prayers for God's hand to be over this project, and thank you for your financial support.

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AD Stories:

I know it has been a while since the last letter I wrote. I decided it was time Show more... to sit down, take time out to say, Thank You for all the labor, and persevering effort you guys put in to this ministry. You have forever impacted my life! I am overjoyed that you all stepped out in faith and allowed God to use you, in such a way as to touch so many souls. I am forever grateful to God, and you all, at Amazing Discoveries. I am only sixteen. I would not still be here today, had it not been for the Lord and his many servants! This is not an easy time to live in, especially for those who are young. Satan is always tempting all, old and young, rich and poor. Thanks be to God for His longsuffering, and forgiveness! Seeing the videos/sermons/lectures on AD bring not only me, but many others very much comfort. ...The road is not smooth but by His grace, I will carry on.
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Dear Amazing Discoveries, I am eighteen years old. I am so grateful for your undaunting courage to Show more... speak and show the truth. I have been deeply impressed by your messages. I believe in the cause that you are doing. I too want to see the 3 angel's message go "into all the world in this generation." I know the Lord is with you all. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit and the deep truths of the Bible have really impressed by heart, and I would like to see God's work go further. I know you all are endeavoring to do just that because of this I would like to support your cause.
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Amazing Discoveries has affected my life in several ways regarding creationism as opposed to evolution. Being brought up Show more... in a Christian home I've always believed in creation but Prof. Veith's series gave me information of which I had not previously known. During the series of "Total Onslaught" again, there were answers to question I have for quite a long time. "Rekindling the Reformation" I also found very informative and also brought to light some of the other persons that were involved in the reformation and the ways in which their lives were brought to such tragic ends as a result of their biblical position. Thank you for work presenting God's word in it's fullness.
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