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When donating Real Property before one dies, a donor must decide whether they want to transfer all or only part of the property to Amazing Discoveries. These two options are discussed below.

Complete Transfer

Most donors gift the whole property when they have more than one house, like a rental or a second home. It could also be a commercial building or undeveloped land. This property is usually owned free and clear, and the donor transfers it to Amazing Discoveries to eliminate the Capital Gains tax and save them selling expenses. This type of transfer will also reduce their Income tax, by receiving a charitable deduction, and their Estate Tax, by removing the asset from their estate.

Partial Transfer

A lot of times when people retire they want to downsize. Maybe the home is getting too big to manage, or maybe it’s too expensive to maintain. Deciding to buy a smaller home, without all the expenses and stairs, can prove to be a wise decision.

The problem most people face is that their home has significantly gone up in value. While this may be a good thing, it also subjects them to capital gains tax on the amount of the increase.

Through a Partial Transfer, a donor can reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax, by donating part of the Real Estate to Amazing Discoveries. So, instead of paying taxes to the government, that money goes to further Amazing Discoveries ministry. Once a portion of the real estate is donated, both parties will sell the property together. Alternatively, the donor could sell his/her remaining portion to the charity. This could save the donor Capital Gains tax, Income tax and Estate tax, while also giving the donor the cash to buy a smaller home. If the donor wants to avoid Capital Gains taxes altogether, the donor should gift the amount of the real estate that makes the charitable deduction equal to the taxes owed on the sale. This is called a Zero Tax Bargain Sale.

If you would like to learn more about Complete or Partial Gifts of Real Estate please click here to contact us now.

AD Stories:

Thank you for your ministry.
I have been watching for 2 years now and Show more... I have grown and learned more than in the past 20 years. I appreciate listening to lectures and sermons that are honest about the Bible and don't try just 'serve ice cream' for every sermon. I believe in grace, but every sermon can't just be grace, grace, grace and never to move on from there. I am saddened that many people are going to be very surprised and very angry when this world comes to a close.
I tell many people about this channel and especially about Walter Veith.
So please, keep putting it put there and proclaiming the truth.
 Show less...

Being new to the faith and wanting the 'meat' of your message, AD has opened my Show more... eyes to just how much we are in a STRANGE LAND & just passing through! I praise God, for more of God, unashamed to proclaim the straight testimony though many would try to water down and distort God's end time message. THANK YOU!!! Keep up the good work.
 Show less...

Amazing Discoveries has affected my life in several ways regarding creationism as opposed to evolution. Being brought up Show more... in a Christian home I've always believed in creation but Prof. Veith's series gave me information of which I had not previously known. During the series of "Total Onslaught" again, there were answers to question I have for quite a long time. "Rekindling the Reformation" I also found very informative and also brought to light some of the other persons that were involved in the reformation and the ways in which their lives were brought to such tragic ends as a result of their biblical position. Thank you for work presenting God's word in it's fullness.
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