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Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a contract where you agree to give money or other assets to Amazing Discoveries in return for a fixed annual payment for your life or for a set amount of years. After you pass away, whatever is left of your donation is used by Amazing Discoveries to further the ministry.

The payments do not have to be made annually. You can request to be paid monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, whichever you prefer. The payment amounts are set by the government and are based on your age and life expectancy. The older you are, the higher the percentage you will receive each year.

If you select payments for life, they can be made for the duration of your life or for you and your spouse’s lives (two lives), so whoever lives the longest will continue to receive a payment. The payments are paid regardless of how much you donated or how long you live.

Part of each payment will be tax free income. The remaining amount will either be taxed as ordinary income or capital gains.

Payments from the annuity can start immediately. However, individuals that do not need the income stream, might want to delay the payments until they are fully retired. This will allow for a higher percentage to be paid each year.

The benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity are:

  1. current fixed income for life

  2. possible tax free income

  3. an Income Tax deduction

  4. an Estate Tax deduction

  5. a Capital Gains deduction (if any), and

  6. the satisfaction of advancing God’s work.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is great for individuals who have assets or cash that are not producing income. Those assets can be transferred into an annuity and converted to fixed income for life. Charitable Gift Annuities require a minimum of $10,000. If you are interested in setting up a Charitable Gift Annuity please click here to contact us now.

AD Stories:

Amazing Discoveries has affected my life in several ways regarding creationism as opposed to evolution. Being brought up Show more... in a Christian home I've always believed in creation but Prof. Veith's series gave me information of which I had not previously known. During the series of "Total Onslaught" again, there were answers to question I have for quite a long time. "Rekindling the Reformation" I also found very informative and also brought to light some of the other persons that were involved in the reformation and the ways in which their lives were brought to such tragic ends as a result of their biblical position. Thank you for work presenting God's word in it's fullness.
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Thank you for your ministry.
I have been watching for 2 years now and Show more... I have grown and learned more than in the past 20 years. I appreciate listening to lectures and sermons that are honest about the Bible and don't try just 'serve ice cream' for every sermon. I believe in grace, but every sermon can't just be grace, grace, grace and never to move on from there. I am saddened that many people are going to be very surprised and very angry when this world comes to a close.
I tell many people about this channel and especially about Walter Veith.
So please, keep putting it put there and proclaiming the truth.
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I know it has been a while since the last letter I wrote. I decided it was time Show more... to sit down, take time out to say, Thank You for all the labor, and persevering effort you guys put in to this ministry. You have forever impacted my life! I am overjoyed that you all stepped out in faith and allowed God to use you, in such a way as to touch so many souls. I am forever grateful to God, and you all, at Amazing Discoveries. I am only sixteen. I would not still be here today, had it not been for the Lord and his many servants! This is not an easy time to live in, especially for those who are young. Satan is always tempting all, old and young, rich and poor. Thanks be to God for His longsuffering, and forgiveness! Seeing the videos/sermons/lectures on AD bring not only me, but many others very much comfort. ...The road is not smooth but by His grace, I will carry on.
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